Cooking for Cures

Raising Funds. Eating Healthy. Ending Liver Disease.

This February it is time to get serious about your New Year’s Resolution! Join the American Liver Foundation, Great Lakes Division in February as we take on the Cooking for Cures Challenge to end liver disease!

This exciting grassroots movement is an opportunity to join us from the comforts of your home as you challenge yourself and your friends to cook at home and raise funds for patients, caregivers and others impacted by liver disease. In addition, studies have shown that cooking at home is considerably healthier than eating out.

You can raise money to end liver disease with every meal you prepare at home during February! Simply make a commitment to support the ALF in raising funds and awareness, ask your friends and family for their support, and start Cooking for Cures.

Through our online platform your friends and family can support you with a one-time donation or per meal prepared (up to 3/day).  Ask your friends, family and co-workers to contribute $1/meal or $10/meal!

It’s easy to get started…

  1. Commit to the Challenge
    Cooking for Cures is all about improving your health while supporting the ALF. Set two personal commitments for the month of February:

    • How many meals each week will you cook from home?
      • If you are just starting out – consider 2 or 3.
      • If you normally do 2 – challenge yourself to prepare 3 or more!
      • Go all in and prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner daily!
    • How much money can you raise to end liver disease?
      • Challenge your friends to donate $1-10 for every meal you prepare at home.
      • Don’t forget to donate to yourself! Donate the money you are saving by cooking at home.
  2. Make It Official
    Online registration is coming soon! Check back for more information.
  3. Share the News
    Share your commitment with your friends, family, co-workers and associates and encourage them to join you! It is easier to build healthy habits when you have support.
  4. Make It Go Viral
    There are so many exciting ways to help others find out about #Cooking4Cures:

    • Post a picture and recipe of each of your delicious homemade meals.
    • Share a link to your fundraising page to make it easier for friends & family to donate.
    • Don’t forget the #Cooking4Cures hashtag on every post so we can follow your amazing progress!
    • Here is a sample post:
      Just created this incredible meal as I raise funds and awareness by #Cooking4Cures with the American Liver Foundation! Support me today by joining me or donating online at *insert link*. *insert food pic*

You can track your progress with cooking meals at home throughout the month of February with our 2019 Meal Tracker.

Fundraising Examples:
If you are raising money per meal you prepare in February, the maximum number of meals you can raise money from is 84 (3/day x 28/days). That means cooking daily you could raise:
$1/meal x 84 meals = $84
$5/meal x 84 meals = $420

Prepare 4 meals/week at home:
$5/meal x 16 meals = $80
$10/meal x 16 meals = $160

Your supporters can also make a one-time donation of any amount to support your efforts towards a healthier liver and ending liver disease.

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