Ending Liver Disease One Cup at a Time

Join the American Liver Foundation, Great Lakes Division in August 2018 as we raise a cup to end liver disease! #Lattes4Livers is your opportunity to do two things you love: Drink Coffee & Make a Difference!

You can raise money to end liver disease with every cup of coffee you drink during August! Simply make a commitment to support the ALF in raising funds and awareness, ask your friends and family for their support, and drink up.

Through our online platform your friends and family can support you with a one-time donation or per cup (up to 4/day – because moderation is important).  Ask your friends, family and co-workers to contribute $.25/cup or $2/cup!

Joining is easy!

  1.  Register
    Registration will open soon. Check back for additional information!
  2. Share the News!
    You can challenge yourself and your friends to join the campaign and raise funds for the ALF. Once you customize your page, send out your link.
  3. Seek Support
    With #Lattes4Livers your friends and family can help support your health by pledging money by the cup! You can raise $0.25-$2 for every cup of coffee you drink throughout the month of August (up to 4 cups a day for moderation). Or simply make a one-time donation to end liver disease.
  4. Make It Viral!
    Share your progress on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more to raise awareness and funds to end liver disease! Keep family and friends updated on how many cups you have drank through social media, email and text!

You can track your progress with drinking coffee throughout the month of August with our 2018 Coffee Tracker.

Fundraising Examples:
If you are raising money per cup of coffee you consume in August, the maximum number of cups you can raise money from is 124 (4/day x 31/days). That means you could raise:
$0.25/cup x 124 cups = $31
$0.50/cup x 124 cups = $62
$1.00/cup x 124 cups = $124
$2.00/cup x 124 cups = $248

Your supporters can also make a one-time donation of any amount to support your efforts towards a healthier liver and ending liver disease.

Why Coffee?

A British Liver Trust report (published June 2016) ‘Coffee and the liver – the potential health benefits’ confirms coffee is good for liver health. It is the first time that the entire body of current research and evidence has been reviewed and compiled into a single report.

The report provides evidence that:

  • Regularly drinking moderate amounts of coffee may prevent liver cancer – the World Health Organization has recently confirmed this reduced risk after reviewing more than 1,000 studies in humans
  • Coffee also lowers the risk of other liver conditions including fibrosis (scar tissue that builds up within the liver) and cirrhosis
  • Drinking coffee can slow the progression of liver disease in some patients
  • Beneficial effects have been found however the coffee is prepared – filtered, instant and espresso

However, it is important to remember that although drinking coffee may protect you from developing liver disease and can in addition help those who already have some degree of liver damage – the key messages for good liver health remain reducing the amount of alcohol we drink, eating a good diet, drinking plenty of water, doing regular exercise and keeping to a health weight.  Full Report>

The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking no more than 4 cups of coffee a day to limit caffeine intake.

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