Liver Life Walk

Join or Host a Liver Life Walk in Your Town

Create a community around wellness and liver health awareness as you gather with like-minded teams and families to end liver disease. Raise funds and take a stroll together to make a real difference in your community and the lives of those affected by liver disease.

Join a Liver Life Walk

We currently have Liver Life Walks in the following communities across Illinois & Michigan:

Host a Liver Life Walk

Bring a Liver Life Walk to a community near you. We have two dates for 2018 to host a Liver Life Walk: Saturday, June 9th and Saturday, September 22nd.

Simply follow these five easy steps:

  1. Plan Ahead | Gather your supporters for help.
  2. Find a Location | Where will you host your walk?
  3. Recruit Walkers | Check out nearby doctors offices and coffee shops.
  4. Fundraise | Raise money through ALF’s online portal.
  5. Hold a Successful Event | Have an amazing day!

Download the full Walk Coordinator Manual>
Additional documents available by contacting Tatiana Hayes,

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